Into the Darkness

You know!!! Youuuuu knowwwwww!!
It’s a reddish red evening.
Was that the sound of wind???
Or it’s just all your breath I am hearing.
Please stop! Stop it right now!!
I can’t handle it anymore.
So much love!!!! I might turn to petal.
Let me be me, like I was before meeting you,
A rock hard stone , just stumbling in their feet.
May be!!! May be a sun is shinning bright on the other side
But I am loyal to this endless depth of darkness.
Let’s get to where we started,
Staring in each other’s soul and just wander off.
I know what’s going in your mind.
Pull over now, else you too gonna fall in this pit,
Towards the stairway of same darkness.
But we won’t meet there also, Don’t ask why??
Explaining wouldn’t get the fog clear.
As I have told, this immense darkness will swallow us all.
What an irony it is…. I am writing this with black only.

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